Welcome! I am thrilled that you’re here. This is the place where I come to create and to share with others what I have created. Here is where you find “All things me!” You’ll find that I do wear a little make up and get somewhat dressed up from time to time and, depending on how I feel I might, on occasion, edit myself or ask someone else to edit me, but I am not airbrushed or packaged or censored. I am at my best when I am being me so that’s what you’ll find here, just me. By the way, if we haven’t been introduced in real life, you can learn more about me, here.

This website is the culmination of a long journey of starts and stops and re-starts that have all brought me to the place where I am completely comfortable being my very own, authentic and most genuine self. Of course, I have not arrived and am not yet all I will be, but as I grow and develop, my only goal is to become more like Christ and in so doing, be more and more of myself along the way.

Our Creator has designed us to be creators, too. After much searching, I have learned that the same way others paint or draw or sculpt or craft or cook or sew or sing or play an instrument- I talk. And I love it. Actually, I talk a lot- to my self, my family and friends, sometimes to audiences, sometimes too much, and very often, to God. This website is a creative outlet for some of the talking I love to do and I pray that something I say is a blessing to you during your visit. If it is, come back again, and bring a friend, ok?

“Stop being so impressed with what other people are doing and get impressed about yourself. You have a story that the world wants to hear. Go tell it! “Stone Evans